City Council Update

Sheri holding the University Heights
2020 Citizen of the Year Award
for the
Citizens Committee on Policing Policies

Professional Background; Involvement on City Council

My experience at the executive level of leadership with multiple local non-profit organizations in program development, implementation, personnel, and fiscal operations, make me someone that you can trust on City Council. Throughout my career, I have managed over 300 employees, $10M in cumulative budgets, and generated over $35M through grant writing, operations, and fund raising.

As your representative on city council, I will continue to do my best to serve the needs of our community as I have done throughout my professional and volunteer career.

University Heights City Council

2022 Chair: Service and Utilities Committee

Member: Safety Committee & Recreation Committee

It is an honor to have been assigned to be the Chair of the Service and Utilities committee. This year’s first goal of the committee is to address the recommendations of the May 2020 Solid Waste Study – in order – because it has been designed that way to support the best outcome. 

The purpose of the study was to analyze the current method of rubbish collection in an effort to identify University Heights’ Residents’ preference to achieve a more cost-effective method and improved sustainable outcome for solid waste ad recycling collection. 

The first recommendation “Education, Awareness and Program Promotion” specifically pertains to the variety of available, local, sustainable alternatives and options to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” items as alternatives to the landfill. It has been made known in public meetings in the almost two years since the Solid Waste Study was presented, that there is much contaminated and unusable recycled trash. I am proud to have arranged for public presentations and discussions through the Service and Utilities Committee to improve University Heights’ Residents’ awareness of sustainability options to know what is and isn’t recyclable for our city. Education and awareness is an on-going effort to evolve from being “wishful recyclers” who wish everything is recyclable to “informed recyclers” who actually avoid contaminating recyclables.  Please visit for the most current information on how to recycle correctly and join me in asking Mayor Brennan to post recycling information, updates, reminders in all city publications such as the weekly “wrap-up” and the Mosaic magazine for all to use as a reliable and quick reference.

The Survey says…We asked and You have spoken!

The long-awaited customer service survey are in! This valid, reliable and legislated professional tool was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Sutton, Director of the Community Research Institute at Baldwin Wallace University. A whopping 1,476 surveys representing over 35% of University Heights households responded – making the will of the people known!

80% are satisfied or very satisfied with the current method of backyard trash collection

88% stated that recycling is important or very important to them

60% of respondents want to maintain University Heights service collection personnel

I have reached out to numerous service departments throughout Cuyahoga County, learning best practices to apply in University Heights to maintain backyard trash and recycling collection, while transitioning to improved, more cost effective ways of doing so.

I want to personally invite you, the residents of University Heights, to upcoming Service and Utilities Committee meetings whether in person; virtually on Zoom or streaming on the City’s YouTube page. Look for these public meeting agendas on the city’s website. Together we can hear options and ideas from presenters to develop a logical, more cost-effective way to recycle – perhaps even getting paid to do so!

On-going education and awareness improves the sustainability habits of University heights residents. Results from University Heights’s Customer Service Survey informs us of the needs and wishes of University Heights residents. Legislated actions will result in a more cost-effective and beneficial rubbish and recycling collection service in University Heights.

I respectfully appeal to Mayor Brennan to listen to the vast majority of University Heights residents, to work together with City Council, and to execute meaningful actions to move forward through all seven [7] Solid Waste Study recommendations.

Paid for by Friends of Sheri R. Sax, William Sax, Treasurer